Her signatures didn’t match, neither did her cards work 

Heels hurt her ankles; and the back zip made her uncomfortable

She stood patiently looking at her watch 

She was hoping something, somehow would tick in the clock 

The minutes turned to hours and hours into a day

Her routine of waiting never changed its way 

Righteousness never flowed in through the passage of her door 

She never knew what it would be if life had been tuned not abhorred

Perhaps destiny, is what she consoled her heart of!

Maybe the winds were listening to her in disgust and moved on 

Patience gave into pretence; circles reduced to dots 

Brokenness defined itself through her unnerving faith and trust.



When a child is born, the umbilical chord is cut by someone, he is cleaned up by someone, he is wrapped up by someone and he is fed by someone. He, is dependent on everyone around; he trusts everyone around; he is a part of them and they are a part of him. To him, they are all part of the same ‘life’. Trust, faith, love and being take care of comes as part and parcel of his very entity. Right after he is born, he places his trust in everyone without knowing his relationship to them, without knowing what work they do professionally, without knowing how much money they have or how much money he has. He is born a human and he comes with his basic rights of trusting humans for being human and for making him one of them in time, through what they all share, ‘life’ 🙂 

Then why through the years, these very core rights of his on humans needs to be earned back?! Why does he doubt intentions of others?! Why does he think twice and even thrice or several times before loving another human?! Why his vision of ‘trust’ gets restricted?! Why?! 

Life, never said to the soul that was born that ‘go and earn money, earn a name for yourself’.. Instead life said, ‘go and live me. Live me well.’ .. And ‘live well’ took into materials so deeply that the very core of his rights as a human, on other humans and on life itself, got blurred. 

Why would trusting another human beyond relationships be so hard?! Why would loving another human beyond defined boundaries be hard?! These are what we were born with, these are what we are made of! So why would we bring and build other humans differently?! 

Saala Khadoos – of life and love 

I watched Saala Khadoos, the Hindi Bollywood version of Madhavan’s film. I am calling it a Madhavan film because of his on screen potrayal of the master! I am smitten and completely taken in by it as I too, believe, that this is how and what a teacher should be like. Someone who is able to spot talent and then give in everything to nurture it. 

The film has an interesting concept of sibling rivalry between the older and younger sister where the older one does want to be a boxer eventually ending up being a police officer and the younger one is a naturally gifted boxer but sells fish in a local market to support the family. There comes a point in the narrative of the film where the heartbroken older sister ends up asking and questioning the teacher why he doesn’t teach her the way he teaches her younger sister and he replies very confidently that the younger sister is a natural and gifted boxer. I guess what is to learn out of it is that we can all train and learn the skills to do a particular job but at the end of it all, the one who is natural and gifted will excel without a shadow of doubt. There are no two ways about it; be it sports or be it in general, in life! 

The film moves into the journey and deals with the love, hate and trust trajectories of emotions between a student and her teacher. They fight each other, they fight against their opponents and they fight against the corrupt system. They give a new meaning to the word team and take trust to a whole new level when in the final round, the protagonist in the boxing ring, lowers her guard down, shocking everyone but believing in her master, and they both emerge as winners! 

The film beautifully settles in the relationship of a student with her teacher who she believes in completely, more than herself and he believes in her completely more than himself. They protect each other’s trust and they protect each other’s identity against the worldly demands. 

I guess if that’s how every teacher and student could be, the world will be a better place to learn and to grow. 

(Image has been taken from google images)