Use and abuse 

Since when has body become so important?

That you need to feel powerful by using others’ to prove?

The constant tussle between use and abuse 

Has crossed all lines, broken all barriers of refuse. 

The terms keep changing sheets; it’s money, I am told 

Someone pointed it out, they are poor and hence they sold.

Sold the person, sold the child; sold the body by cutting all ties. 

Did you not think even for once, that the requirements of each and every body is limited to a few rising suns?

You have to get into the same earth as the body you ruined, 

There’s no denying truth to the eternity that you cease to have never understood. 

Then why use and abuse another body just for fun? 

When the laws of nature get to you; clearly there isn’t a better ground for you to run. 


Her first chocolate. 

I could have bought her, her first chocolate 

I so wanted to buy 

But something in me stopped me;

instead I left it to her father 

who wanted to wrap her chocolate in a ‘sorry’ paper 

When I met him, he was upset 

His abuse towards his daughter 

Was killing him deep inside ..

While we spoke, calm made its way in 

By the time I was to leave ..

He wanted to buy her a chocolate and head back home 

I wanted to offer to buy that chocolate for her 

To a daughter who was perhaps unknowingly abused by her father .. 

I wanted her to know that he hasn’t been in a right frame of mind ..

Ever since he left home pretending to break the ties that bind.