Something .. At times .. 

A distressed mind, wrapped itself up in blankets of deep fear. Had a hard time falling asleep. The unfinished battles woke him up; nails to toe and he did breathe. 

Will I ever be able to face myself? Was the question that kept haunting him. Will I ever be able to come close to the smile that I thought was mine? Will I ever be the same me that I lost somewhere in time? 

Millions of questions. Even tens and millions of answers. The scrutiny of life, challenged paradoxically. He, could either survive or he could either live. He understood the difference and the power that he could choose. 

He picked the heart, he chose to live. Survival, the mind, then, surely had to take a backseat. 


Author: teapotideas

Nonsignificant. Hardly human.

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